Just Write

Day 1 of the challenge! Ta-dah!

Today’s mission – free writing. I’ve only done this once before, so we’ll see what happens. πŸ™‚


I’m sitting in my kitchen. The dishwasher’s on and its metronomic beat is pulsing like the rattle of a train on a track or the whirr of a helicopter. It has been raining this morning and outside the world smells fresh and cleansed. It was quite cold when I got up and then it went muggy and close – a sure sign of rain. The clouds gathered, stormy grey, and then let forth their torrent. My yellow raincoat was on the line, supposedly drying, and I had to run out and fetch it in. Now it’s dripping puddles in the utility, the water blooming on the cement floor.

When I was younger I used to go outside in the Summer while it rained. I’d be barefoot and coatless – maybe carrying an umbrella if it was particularly heavy. While everyone else ran in, I’d head out. I liked to see how the garden changed in the rain. How the water droplets collected on the chives and the Lupin leaves. The chickens would prowl, bedraggled, too senseless to find shelter. Maybe they enjoyed the rain too. The smell was always the best – damp earth, sodden roses, honeysuckle.

There are sparrows and swallows chattering outside. They sound argumentative, like school children in the playground, and I know that if I went outside they would be darting about, collecting food for their young. Their call is shrill and incessant, unlike the song of the Robin or a lilting warbler. While we were sat outside in the sun yesterday I confess to getting a little tired of it, wondering if they didn’t enjoy a bit of quiet time.

I’m a fan of peace. I like being quiet, perhaps reading or just taking in my surroundings. I’m usually better if I’m occupied in some way, too, because I get bored far too easily! I admire the people who can sit in the sun, eyes closed, just thinking or absorbing the atmosphere around them. My mind tends to wander and I find myself getting up, doing something, finding an activity.

I played piano this morning for the first time in too long. I really don’t like the electric piano we have and it makes me not want to play, but I made myself sit down and play some scales and arpeggios. Hanon featured, too, and those of you who play will know that Hanon’s technical exercises tend to wear thin after a while. Once I felt I’d done my due and limbered up a little, I moved on to Bach’s Prelude in C. It’s pretty and relatively easy, but gives one a sense of accomplishment after a spell away from the keys. I’d like to get the sheet music for Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude, too. I’ve never played it but am a lover of Chopin so know it well and feel I could give it a whirl! We shall see…


Done! Part of the challenge was to write for 20 minutes straight and I’m pleased to say that it was relatively easy! In the spirit of sharing I shall post this ramble as is and see what others have to say.


11 thoughts on “Just Write

    1. Thank you! And just go for it! Have faith and be yourself and take the leap. πŸ™‚ I think everyone has it in them.


  1. I haven’t done of the challenges yet – saving them for when I feel like it – but this is really great. The details and high description really bring the reader to the places in your mind’s rambling.

    Great job! πŸ™‚


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