Hooray for Friday!

Man, what a week! It has seemed to go on for a very, very long time. Between assignments, work and other life stuff I feel quite worn out by it all! However, since Wednesday we have been blessed with gorgeous sunshine and today was the first shorts/legs outing of 2014. Fingers crossed it lasts now – how great would that be?

I’ve got an essay due on Tuesday and then another the Tuesday after, and then my first year is done! 😀 So looking forward to a summer of reading, chilling, being outside and catching up in a definite instrument practising standstill with piano (pretty much dormant!) and ‘cello (less so). Not sure how to get back into practising piano – it’s been a good while since I did proper constructive practise. Does anyone reading have advice?

Yesterday’s happiness: …struggling to even remember what happened yesterday. Hm. Maybe handing in my 24 hour essay? Good feels.

Today’s happiness: CURRY FOR TEA. That is all. 😀

I am contemplating doing the Writing 101 challenge. Anyone got any thoughts or feelings on challenges? What do you do if you just feel totally uninspired by the day’s topic? How do you motivate yourself? Please advise if you’ve completed blog challenges of your own!

Have a great weekend folks!


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