A Clash of Kings & Sleepovers

Yesterday’s happiness: After my Spring post I clean forgot about my happiness post of the day. However, yesterday I began the 2nd Game of Thrones book, A Clash of Kings. Exciting times! Having seen the TV series I know pretty much what’s going to happen, but I very much enjoyed reading the first book and shall continue through the series. 🙂

Today’s happiness: I’m having a sleepover back home tonight. Hehe…always fun and food-filled. Might do a sneaky bit of mum-daughter shopping tomorrow too. Hurrah! But now Zebedee says time for bed. (On the topic of The Magic Roundaboutthis is a classic episode! Honestly – what were the writers on?!)


2 thoughts on “A Clash of Kings & Sleepovers

  1. Arghhhh GoT! I haven’t read the books yet, though I have all of them 😦 I’ll try to pick them up ASAP so we can discuss. Also, enjoy your shopping!!


    1. Haha, you definitely should! ^_^ Shopping was fun but sadly tooooo many people about! Got me quite irritated. 😛


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