A Trip, Birdsong & Game of Thrones

Apologies – getting a little lax with all of these holidays and long weekends! Will get back into it, promise!

3rd May: We had a mini trip away, which was lovely and relaxing. The weather was a definitely one of ‘sunny intervals’ but it was mild and calm and quite sufficiently enjoyable! We also saw wee duckies – always a cause for happiness – and a jet black bunny in a field. Perhaps an escaped pet? Definitely didn’t look like your average wild hippity hop!

Yesterday’s happiness: May the forth be with you! Haha! Anyway, bad jokes aside, we watched the BBC TV adaptation of Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. (IMDB here.) It was epic! I’m not really one for war stories – I tend to put down books when the blurb starts with ‘It’s 1914, World War I…’ However, it came with good recommendation and so we got the DVD in HMV and watched it last night. I was gripped throughout! Really beautifully done, great cast, sets and costume (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones is in it, if you need encouragement) and yea…it was just a fab watch. I’m definitely going to invest in the book!

Today’s happiness: Game of Thones this evening! Muchos excited after a day of mostly work, and a wee bike ride thrown in. We’re also having a Sunday dinner (veggie style), so that’s also cause for cheer! Back to university ‘routine’ (I use that word very loosely!) tomorrow!


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