Fish & Chips and Car Insurance

Yesterday’s happiness: Last day of Easter. We celebrated by going to the nearby village/town and buying fish and chips and a can of drink (oh yes – cheeky Vimto!) and then nomming them (technical term) by the canal side. It was great. We had been to a Joules warehouse sale in the morning and on the way home I jokily said that we should buy fish and chips en route. Sadly, though, once I’d said that we both really wanted fish and chips and nothing else would do. It was great!

Today’s happiness: It’s car insurance time of year. Searching for car insurance is about as fun as getting attacked like Shelob and Aragog at the same time. However, I rung up Direct Line today, all huffy because my renewal quote was about £110 more than the quote I’d done online for them. Fortunately, the nice lady on the other end tweaked a few things, removed some stuff I didn’t think I needed and got it reduced. I then added national breakdown cover (kind of needed since I travel to uni a lot and since my car wouldn’t start on the drive about a month ago and I panicked) and still got it all for about £480. I call that a bargain for someone who’s 22 and has 2 accidents on the record, thanks to a moron in a BT van going about 90 down a country lane and an UNINSURED driver moron pulling out in front of me… *Deep breath* So yep. Happy times.

P.S. I reached 200 likes on here yesterday. That’s so exciting! 😀 *Waves flag* Thanks all!


2 thoughts on “Fish & Chips and Car Insurance

  1. What?! You don’t love being attacked by Aragog and Shelob!? What’s wrong with you, girl? 😛 Congrats on the major happies! 😀 Oh, and the 200 likes! Woowoo! 🙂


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