Geeky Happy

Today’s happiness: So I am a closet The Sims fan. Closet in the sense that most people don’t know, and part of me is a little shifty about sharing! I’m not into any other games, I pretty much only ever watch TV for The Big Bang Theory and, well, I’m just more bookish. My brother gets the golden crown for family gamer.

Anyway, that said, today’s happiness relates to The Sims 3 (TS3). I’ve played TS3 on various laptops over the years since it was released, and before that I played The Sims 2 and before that the super-retro The Sims. The trouble with TS3, as with so many PC/Mac games is that it’s made to be played and perform best on a all-singing all-dancing machine. Most of us average Joes have average machines, which we also use to while away time on Facebook, do assignments and other such stuff. Machines get slow…games get slower… Add to that the fact that I’m now a fully converted Mac fan (never ever to go back), presents more problems because TS3 is basically written for PC and then packaged in a format that Macs can read. That doesn’t mean that it’s written with Mac logic in mind!

So yesterday I was asking one of the friends who came to our curry meal if it was possible to add more advanced graphics cards to Macs. He said yes but usually it had to be sent away and cost XYZ and…it didn’t sound appealing. Then today, we dug out the decent desktop that was bought a few years ago but not really used (long story) that’s been sitting in the utility gathering dust since August, and I loaded TS3 on to it, and it works brilliantly! Super shiny, good graphics, nice and smooth… It’s a 1TB hard drive, so there’s plenty of room and it hasn’t been clogged up with life stuff… All in all, general excellence!


4 thoughts on “Geeky Happy

  1. SQUEEEEE! SIMS!! How many hours have I spent, slaving away at perfect architecture and interiors and furniture coordination, only to give up on my stupid family after an hour because none of them did what I said? How many families have I wrecked purely out of boredom? It’s enough to give a girl a God complex, haha! So glad to find another Sims fan!! *high five*


    1. Oh wowzer, you’re a Simmer too?! You should move to England and be my in-real-life friend! Haha! 😀 I have such massive coordination OCD when it comes to TS3. It annoys me sometimes. Why are those tiles a slightly different colour when they’re on the walls than when they’re part of the shower? The wood effect on the dishwasher just DOESN’T match the cabinets. Can I live with that? Hmmm…

      I’ve done quite a lot of family wrecking. And laborious house building. And then being annoyed when I’ve got so much stuff in the house that it kind of lags. Is it too much to ask that it works when you have curtains at every window and flowers and pictures and other miscellaneous decor?!

      Are you going to opt for TS4? I keep telling myself that, really, it’s not going to be wildly different than the 3 previous generations, but I am such an addict that I will get it. (In fact, I’ve already pre-ordered it from Amazonland!)


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