Green Fingered Glee!

Today’s happiness: We bought a new lawn mower today. I know that shouldn’t be exciting enough to be a daily happiness, but it is! It’s bright green and by a maker called Viking – we have named it Thor. It’s self-propelling so there’s no more lugging and it kind of takes off by itself when you pull the handle towards you! I have a weird therapeutic love of mowing the lawns and grew up wrestling with a massive Hayter Harrier lawn mower with a roller on the back – that was a beast. It looks a bit like this one and it was so unwieldy but I found making the stripes very in tune with my organised and semi-OCD sensibilities!

We also bought 4 grow bags and lots of wee veggie plants and now have them all neatly arranged in our courtyard-y bit. So exciting! 😀 We’ve got tomatoes, courgettes, French beans, green beans, butternut squash, aubergine, cucumber and lettuce. I shall keep you updated along with the progress of my sunflower babies. ❤



P.S. Hello to my new follower folk! *Waves* So exciting to have so many of you. Maybe I should hold a tea party when I reach 100!


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