Unexpected Happiness

Today’s happiness: Today my happiness came with the postman! I’d ordered a little something from Folksy for a friend’s birthday and left a little note to the seller saying how much I loved her work. The gift arrived today, along with a little ‘Love’ tag for myself. It’s apparently a seconds but it looks perfect to me! You can find the maker – Dottery Pottery – on Facebook and Folksy. All of her stuff is scrumptious!

Some secondary happiness occurred in Tesco, where I found one of their massive Easter tulip bunches reduced from £5 to £1.75. I love me a bargain!

IMG_28692014   IMG_96172014


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Happiness

  1. That’s such a gorgeous key ring!! I love it when Etsy sellers (or anyone, really) put in little bonuses for buying from them – just makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? I found a $20 Thorntons egg at the supermarket reduced to $4, so I bought it…and maybe ate it… Now I’m fat and happy, haha 🙂


  2. It certainly is! I think it’s like a tag you put on a present or just have hung around the house – I’d be paranoid about breaking it if I used it for a keyring! But it was a lovely surprise!

    Your Easter egg bargain sounds like my kind of yum! I would have eaten it too. I have no resistance when it comes to chocolate…


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