Post-Hiatus Hello!

So I inadvertently fell off the blog band wagon for a few days – over a week in fact – but rather than trail through all of the happinesses we’ll just go for an overview!

We got back from a 4 day trip to Porthcurno in Cornwall today. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Porthcurno is pretty much as far as you can go in Cornwall – about 3/4 miles away from Land’s End. It hosts a gorgeous beach and is home to the Minack Theatre. It was scrumptious to get away and the weather was pretty good, all things considered! (We went last year at Easter too and it felt like mid-winter!)

Funny story – I posted a photo of the beach on Facebook and said where we were, and weirdly enough a friend from uni commented and said she’d been there the day before! Turns out that she and her family stayed in the exact same house that we stayed in. Crazies!

I was also bought a lovely new Seasalt coat by my fabby mum when we took a trip to St Ives. ^_^ On our way back home today I picked up a bunch of Cornish bluebells from one of the roadside honesty-box flower stalls, so now I have a wee bit of Cornwall in the living room!

There has also been progress on the sunflower front! They have begun to grow, which is very exciting and made me hop up and down a little when we got back and I saw them today! So happy!









2 thoughts on “Post-Hiatus Hello!

  1. Yay for the sunflowers growing! And yay for you getting back on the blogwagon! Cornwall in general sounds incredible, next time I’m in the UK I’m toootally there. Glad you’re back!! 🙂


    1. I know! I was so excited! ^_^ I’m glad I’m back too, it felt wrong not to have posted but things were a bit busy last week. You must definitely head to Cornwall next time – like the rest of the UK the weather is unpredictable but it’s beautiful all the same. 🙂


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