Tautogram : Peace

I like the odd challenge. Poetry is something that I have played with and achieved various levels of success. While reading The Daily Post, as I like to do, I came across this week’s challenge entitled Time for Poetry. They give you different options (which is nice, I like options) and within them was the challenge to write a tautogram.

Well I had never even heard of one, which lead me to investigate further. A tautogram is a piece of writing, often a poem, in which every word starts with the same letter. And it was really hard to write! I started off writing about books, then changed to something else, before settling on peace as my subject. Below is the result, my first ever tautogram.


Peace purloined presents problems.

Prevarication plus procrastination

provokes patchy placidity.

Pesky preoccupancy pushes

past preferred pursuits.

Perhaps pleasure’s prerequisites

perchance plead perfection.

Post-productive periods produce

prosperous prized peace.


What do you think? Have you ever heard of a tautogram? Have you written one? Will you share?! 🙂


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