Cycling in the Sun

Today’s happiness: We packed the bikes into the back of the Landy today and went cycling! It was a scrumptious sunny, blue-skied day and we certainly made the most of it! We chose a local National Trust site as our place of exploration, one of the natural beauty spots of the area. While it’s popular it’s also a massive expanse of hills and valleys, so it’s never over populated. However, it is really steep. Once you’re on the top, you’re fine, but the path we chose took us down one side (which may not have been the brightest idea.) On the map it looked ok but man alive it was steep. So steep that we had to push the bikes large chunks of the way back up. So steep that we had to stop for a good ten minute break prior to deciding to push the bikes, in order to stop me passing out! I’m an asthmatic and, frankly, not the fittest fiddle out there, so the combination of muscles burning and the inability to get my breath back had me seeing stars and patchy blackness. BUT in spite of all of that, once we’d accepted that we couldn’t realistically cycle all the way up without actually dying, we were fine and the closer to the top we got, the flatter it became and we alternate between cycling and walking. We reached the trig point (close enough to the car park to see the car) and found a delightful, smooth, rockless path that would have been ideal for cycling. Next time – research!

We ended with a picnic, sweet tea, relaxing in the sunshine before we toddled off home. An excellent day.

Beginning the descent (I promise it got steeper)

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