Today’s happiness: I planted sunflower seeds! Big GIANT yellow ones! They are going to be awesome and so prettyful! This is what they look like now. If you’re lucky I’ll keep you posted on their progress. Fingers crossed they grow big. ^_^



2 thoughts on “Sunflowers!

  1. Eek, here’s hoping! I planted some lavender a few months ago and … yeah … didn’t work out :S Those are going to look amazing when they grow up though!


    1. Oh dear! I think lavender does tend to have a mind of its own. We planted 3 pretty identical plants last summer, all together in a well-spaced clump. 2 survived and the other died, but all 3 had the same amount of water, care and attention. Weird! I love sunflowers. I grew some dwarf ones a couple of years back, but this year I decided to dream BIG! Excited much!


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