The Big Bang Theory

Today’s happiness: I had a bit of a weeding fest in the garden this afternoon because it was just so sunny and cheery. Having come in and put the tea on, we’re now having our nightly The Big Bang Theory fest. We’ve seen all 6 seasons so far and waiting for the 7th to come out in the Autumn, so we’ve seen all of the ones that they show on TV, but we still laugh at all the jokes again and again. It’s such a great series and if you’ve not seen it, or dismissed it thinking it’s a bit weird, please give it another go. Start from the beginning and just enjoy the quirky, nerdy, science-y amusement that is TBBT!


6 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory

  1. OH MY GOSH just this morning I was saying to my BF that I’m going to have a Big Bang Theory marathon next week, because I’m sooo behind on watching it; I got to the end of Season 5 then Australian TV messed the times for new episodes up and I lost it 😦 All 6 seasons, here I come! 😀 😀


    1. You should definitely do that! I don’t know about Oz but here in the UK you can usually get the earlier series quite cheaply on Amazon. I was lucky enough to be bought seasons 1-3 in a box set, but we’re now armed with the other 3 on DVD too. When we first moved in my partner and I went right back to the beginning (because he’d only really seen odd episodes and so had missed some of the back story) and now I’m not sure who loves it more. ‘Sheldon O’clock’ is kind of sacred here!


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