Busy Times

The last week has been another of those runaway weeks! However, I shall briefly fill you in on the happinesses that occurred.

Wednesday 26th March: Wednesday was a day of general busy-ness and house cleaning. I also pottered in the garden and cleaned my car. I have a little black car, which is a pain to keep clean! But I washed and polished her last week and she looked so super shiny that it made me cheery every time I looked at her.

Thursday 27th March: Thursday was the eve of my mum’s birthday, so I spent the day making her a battenberg birthday cake, tidying the house and putting up bunting! My dad also helped with the bunting, which was amusing to say the least. There are oak beams throughout the downstairs of the house, which is great for hanging things…if you can find a crack or a hole to push a pin into! He had his head torch on trying to find somewhere for the pins to go, and often when he did find a space the pin was squashed because the beams were so hard! Here’s the cake pre-cutting:


Friday 28th March: Mum’s birthday! Presents and cake and all things good! And best of all, the battenberg cake worked! It was a tense moment as she cut it but I was so pleased when it all worked out and she was chuffed as punch with it, being a massive marzipan and battenberg lover. Here it is post-cutting:


Saturday 29th March: Was concert day for one of the orchestras I play in, so we had afternoon rehearsals and then the concert in the evening. But best of all, I had 2 of my favourite folk come to watch and as I didn’t think I’d have anyone watching it was a real happy moment. ^_^

Sunday 30th March: Mother’s Day! Mum had it really good this year with her birthday and Mother’s Day practically on top of each other. We hosted the event and cooked her favourites – lamb tagine and cous cous, followed by a pavlova cake or chocolate mousse. I was especially pleased with the puddings as I’d made neither before and both were yummy (although I didn’t have the pavlova since I’m not a cream and fruit kinda girl). I also picked a pretty garden posy and then Mum brought me tulips for putting on a Mother’s Day meal (surely the wrong way round!)

IMG_27992014 IMG_28002014 IMG_28022014

Monday 31st March: Monday was a half uni day, but then I got to go for a walk with one of my loveliest, bestest long-time friends and her parents, boyfriend and super-excitable Labradoodle! It was lots of fun and so nice to see her since I only got to see her for a brief afternoon over Christmas and she goes to uni way up in the north of Scotland (although we just generally refer to it as Svalbard!)

Yesterday: …was one of those days when you feel like you work all day and get nothing done. However, I had scrambled eggs for lunch and watched a tiny, weeny baby bunny having its lunch outside my window, so both of those things brought me my dose of happy. Especially the bunny…it was so, so cute and twitchy nosed…

Now I have caught up on my most recent blog fail, I shall get on with some uni work! Thanks for reading, all, and hello to my new follower folk!



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