Concert, Bikes & Daffodils

Saturday’s happiness: I had a concert on Saturday with one of the orchestras I play in, which also counted towards one of my modules. We played Beethoven’s 7th, Wagner’s Siegfied Idyll and a student composition and had an afternoon rehearsal before the evening’s concert. It went well – they were all quite challenging pieces, particularly the Wagner, but I gave them my best! I love the 2nd movement of the Beethoven especially. Mmm.

Yesterday’s happiness: We picked up a couple of bikes from Mum and Dad’s yesterday as they were going to chuck them out, so tomorrow I’ll be getting them all clean and shiny again after their lengthy abandonment in the shed! I’m looking forward to a little cycle, especially once it stops being so chilly! We also watched The Dark Knight in the evening, which was great! I wasn’t prepared to be quite so enthusiastic about Batman, but after I didn’t get the Batman reference in The Big Bang Theory it was deemed necessary that I was educated!

Today’s happiness: Daffodils! The daffs that I planted in the Autumn are all out and looking gorgeous. It seems like everywhere you go you’re greeting with lovely happy Daffodils – they’re so scrumptious. ^_^ Muchos love for them.

I’d also like to say a massive thanks for all of the likes and followers and such! I’m up to 100 likes, 49 followers and 572 visits, so thank you one and all! It makes me happy indeed to know that other people like what I ramble about!


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