Invigilating and Ice Cream

Today’s happiness: Today I was successful in getting a job as a ‘casual invigilator’ at a local secondary school. The job at the National Trust wasn’t for me, despite the people being lovely. I simply couldn’t give everything they wanted and do uni, so I had to take my leave. However, all clouds have a silver lining and I now have something else lined up! This is good because once you’re ‘in’, so to speak, you’re likely to be kept on and can go back. Summer exam periods are also ideal because that’s when uni quietens down, to the extent that I’m all finished with year one on 16th May. *Waves flag* Yippee! Also, as I want to be a teacher more school-related experience will make it easier for me to get on a teacher training course.

So after my informal interview/chat type thing, I whizzed to my parents’ to collect a few things, helped myself to some post-birthday snacks then headed home. I gave the house a really thorough clean (we’d just been skimming it for the past couple of weeks with our general busy-ness) with dusting, mopping, bit of window cleaning, hoovering (although we REALLY need new bags – the suction is almost non-existent now) and generally putting away all of the stuff that gets shoved in sort-that-later piles. THEN I had some gardening funtimes, taming the honeysuckle, and then it was time for orchestra. We’ll gloss over that less-fun part to ICE CREAM. Oh yea. Ice cream in my belly. Happy days indeed…


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