Birthdays, Weeding, Black Metal, London & Peace

Really sorry for the repeated lateness for my posts! Getting a bit of a bad habit…

Wednesday 12th: My brother turned 18 on Thursday 13th but as I wasn’t able to go over on the Thursday we went for tea on Wednesday. It was a lovely evening with scrumptious food and cake to follow! Mmm.

Thursday 13th: Thursday was a day for reading and weeding! I had to read up on Black Metal and Death Metal for one of my lectures the following day (not really my cup of tea but quite enlightening!) but since it was, again, a really lovely day I went out to do the final bit of weeding in the garden.

Friday 14th: A fairly standard Friday with a nice visit to the music department to play some Bach, followed by my lecture on Black Metal. We had a guest lecturer and although he talked a bit too fast, it was interesting. It was great to not have to go out that evening and instead have a nice night in!

Yesterday’s happiness: We went to the Mountbatten Festival at The Royal Albert Hall yesterday, which was fab! Sadly, getting back at 3am wasn’t so great! Getting into bed was THE nicest feeling I’d had all week.

Today’s happiness: Peace at last! Today was chilled – a trip to Tesco, leisurely lunch, car washing, toasted Hot Cross Buns, a bit of gardening, pizza for tea and then Top Gear! Those guys are mad…can’t believe they get paid for doing what they do…


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