A Busy Week

Phew! Howdy all – the last week has been a right busy one, hence the lack of post-age! However, I shall do a catch up on the general happinessess that have come my way!

Tuesday 4th: I had a trip into town on Tuesday which is always a nice thing! I had a cheeky Starbucks for lunch, succumbed in Waterstones and then went to my parents’ for tea. My brother had passed his driving test so it was a celebratory fish and chip tea, which sadly left us too full for pancakes! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have pancakes on pancake day!

Wednesday 5th: Wednesday sent me down to London to see Les Misérables, which was great since I’d only been once before and couldn’t actually remember much of it from the first time around! The cast were mainly good, though there was a bit too much vibrato in some of the voices for my liking, and little Cosette was quite feeble. However, it was a great day and the sun shone for all of it, making the walk from Euston to Shaftesbury Avenue much nicer than it would have been if it had been raining!

Thursday 6th: Thursday had the potential to be a pretty crappy day so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out better than expected! I had a bit of a naff one-off ‘skill building’ lecture in the morning which was pretty dull, though fortunately made better by the presence of 2 of my best uni buds. ^_^ I then had a session with the conductor for one of the orchestras was in to help me with my aural and sight-reading skills. I had been dreading this big time as I’ve never done grades and therefore struggle with sight-reading and have never done any aural tests. However, he was really supportive and it went well. It turns out my ear is pretty good and my pre-pitching and aural skills were good (as you’d hope they’d be with me being a cellist!) so I was much relieved! That was followed by orchestra which was heaps better than the excruciatingly painful sectional of the week before! We were still in sectionals, but split strings/woodwind and brass and percussion rather than into upper strings, lower strings etc etc. I was pretty knackered by the time I got into bed but I was glad that the day had gone better than I had anticipated!

Friday 7th: A pretty normal day, all in all, but I did manage to spend a large amount of the afternoon reading the book I bought on Tuesday. It was recommended to me by a friend and is actually a children’s book. It’s called Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell and is a truly delicious read. Beautifully written with lots of quirkiness and things to make you smile – it’s not a childish children’s book so if that might put you off, don’t let it!

Saturday 8th: Hair cut day! I had lots chopped off (more than I probably wanted) and although it’s still taking some getting used to, I do like it. It was a generally chilled day with scrummy lasagne for tea followed by hazelnut yogurt. Mmmmm. If you’ve not had a hazelnut yogurt and like hazelnuts…and yogurt…then I urge you most strongly to find and consume one of these dairy delights! We got Sainsbury’s own and they were super delicious.

Sunday 9th: Sunday was so full of SUNSHINE! Eeee! One of those mornings when you wake up and the sun is trying to get through every crack – around curtains, under doors…it just wants you to see it and appreciate its wonderfulness. I had an orchestra rehearsal but due to poor attendance we got to finish early, so I skipped on home and then spent a happy afternoon in the garden. It was fab.

Monday 10th: Monday’s happiness came in the form of a picnic and a walk in the sunshine! My friend and I packed our lunch up and went for a walk around our really picturesque campus, and I took my camera. It was a nice adventure and we saw squirrels and ducks – two of nature’s comedians!

Today: Hurrah! If you’ve read all of the above, please pat yourself on the pack and go find yourself a cookie. Today I went into town again to get a few bits and bobs and pick up some sale-goodness I’d ordered to store last week. I then took myself off home and into the garden, to try and tame and train two out of control rambling roses and a honeysuckle. The roses put up a good fight but I won in the end and am really happy with my efforts! I also finished off the weeding and found some really teensy aquilegias that were trying so hard to grow but not really in the right place! So I moved them and made some makeshift green houses out of cut-in-half drinks bottles.

I also had a near-miss during the weeding! I’d been somewhat overzealous and managed to dig up lots of baby clumps of unidentified (and non-flowering) Forget-me-Nots! Fortunately I then found a larger clump and spotted the teensy blue heads getting ready to bloom and had a slow-motion “Noooo!” moment as I lunged to the weed-filled trug, rescued all of the evicted Forget-me-Nots and put them all together in pride of place. Lesson learnt? Forget-me-Nots have velvety leaves. Do not evict them!

Well that sums up the week-and-a-bit and the happinesses therein. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’ve all had a great week too! I’m off to have a slice of the lemon drizzle cake I baked post-gardening! Mmmmm…


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