Presents, Baking & Crumpets!

Tuesday’s happiness: On Tuesday I headed into town for a little wander. I needed a few essentials and a couple of birthday cards. It was a lovely sunny day – mild with little breeze, and it was nice to have a mooch in the shops I’d not been in for a while. I also bought my mum’s first birthday present, which is always exciting! I love buying things for people or sending little notes in the post, just to say hello or I miss you! I ended the day by cooking fishcakes, proper chips and peas for tea. Tesco do these wonderful fishcakes in their Tesco Finest range – my favourite are the smoked haddock with a delicious melting middle. I could literally eat them every day. They do other variations but for me, these are the best.

Yesterday’s happiness: Yesterday involved baking! I whizzed to do the food shop since we’d just about run out of everything and then came home and had some tomato soup ‘with a hint of basil’ (Heinz – also gorgeous), and then baked pink heart-shaped biscuits. They were a bit crisper than usual but still tasty. I used a butter biscuit mix and then added what felt like a ton of pink colouring since it just didn’t want to take, then sprinkled caster sugar over them when they were out of the oven and cooling on the rack. YUM! I also made a couple of individual puff pastry veggie pies for the next couple of days and have been told that they’re good, so may have one for my lunch today. ^_^ Mmm…gravy…

IMG_98412014 IMG_28712014

Today’s happiness: Today is going to be a busy and productive day so I have started it with crumpets and Yorkshire Tea – the only way to start a busy day. (This post seems to be very food orientated, but hey!) I do love crumpets!

Having caught up on the last few days, I think I should probably get on with the aforementioned productivity. I hope you all have a great day! TTFN.


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