Squirrelling Around

Today’s happiness: I met a friendly squirrel today who sat still and let me photograph him/her before heading off to do some foraging in the dustbin. It’s a shame really…my Dad always said they were tree rats and I never believed him, but seeing obese squirrels foraging in the bins and coming out with chips just proves his point. Still, they get cute points whereas I’m afraid, in my book, rats don’t. No offence meant to any rat lovers out there – I know mice and rats are popular pets and I think pet rats probably come under a different category to the general sewer-dwelling types…

Anyway, without further ado, here is said squirrel…pre-snacktime… I feel like he’s saying, “Go on then, you’ve got 20 seconds before I move. I’ll even clasp my hands for you if you don’t mention to any of the other squirrels that you saw me.”



Also – I’m on 39 followers. That’s exciting much! Thanks and hello to you lovely new folk! ^_^


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