Sunshine ALL Day!

Today’s happiness: Today was a scrumptious, sunny day and best of all, it carried on all through the day! It was so nice not to have to battle through wind and rain and mud, mud and more mud! The sun was out, the grass seemed greener, the snowdrops looked so happy and cheerful…it was just generally lovely.

I was working and the weather meant that everyone was eager to be out and about, meaning we were very, very, very busy indeed! I did about 5 hours of solid washing up/dishwasher duty with a couple of others, and even then we struggled to get on top of it! However, we soldiered on and though my feet were so, so sore by the time I got home, I think all of the customers enjoyed their visit! Really looking forward to snuggling down under the covers and sleeping like the proverbial log. Day off tomorrow – yippee!


2 thoughts on “Sunshine ALL Day!

  1. It was beautiful in Leicester yesterday too – it makes such a difference to how I feel about the day when the sun is shining. I usually quite like rain, but I think I can safely say we’ve had enough of it now! Xxxxx


    1. Hehe, it definitely does! And I’m with you on the rain front – you know I love a bit of rain, but I think we really have had enough now! Some sunshine would be nice pleasethankyouplease. =] xxxx


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