Encouragement, Teaching and Tea

Okie dokie, so a massive fail on the daily happiness posts for the back end of this week – my bad! However, here’s a catch up for those of you who’re interested!

Thursday’s happiness: Thursday was a really busy day! I was in work for my second day of training, which went pretty well even though I still feel like there’s so much information that it’s surely going to take me forever to retain! However, Thursday’s happiness came from the kindness, patience and positivity that I received from some customers – those who encouraged and others who said that we all have to start somewhere. And also because of the support given to me by the senior staff that are training me. I’ve never done anything like this, I’ve not even ever used a till, so it’s a pretty massive leap for me and it’s really daunting! But good things like that tend to ease my panic a bit and remind me that everyone is new once.

Yesterday’s happiness: Yesterday didn’t really start overly well since I managed to get my departure time from home completely wrong, meaning that I was 25 minutes late to my hour long lecture. Having said that, the lecture went ok, the lecturer was fine and I even answered some questions to nab a few brownie points! The day’s happiness came from my cello lesson, in which my teacher helped me with certain passages in Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, which we’re currently playing in orchestra. She’s unfailingly positive, constructive and helpful in every way and she boosts my confidence and motivation no end! Three cheers for excellent teaching!

Today’s happiness: I worked from 10am until 6.30pm today and helped with the close-down of the cafe, which meant that it was another long day with much to try and retain for future reference! Today’s simple happiness came from the hot cup of Yorkshire tea that I had made for me when I got home, and the lovely hot bath I had after tea. Simple pleasures!

As an additional note, I’d just like to say a massive THANK YOU to the 31 lovely people who’re following my blog. You’re all great and each time someone else joins in it buoys (I can never spell that word) me no end. =] I’m also enormously grateful for the 369 visitors I’ve had since I began back in January! Yippee!


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