Friends, Food & A Good Monday

Yesterday’s happiness: Yesterday afternoon was cram-packed with good friends and good food as we headed off to my parents’ house for much frivolity. We were treated to excellent food, carefully selected music, good humour and the general loveliness of two of their oldest friends. As I’ve known them since I was around 4/5, we’ve built up a pretty good rapport over the years! We finished the evening off eating Lindt chocolate and watching Call the Midwife, which I love. A good day all in all!

Today’s happiness: Today has just been one of those good days, when lots of positives come rolling around your way. In order of happening:

1. I met 2 lovely ladies on my speedy trip to M&S to get the required black shirt for work.
2. I met a very cheery chappie at the petrol station when I went to fill up en-route to uni.
3. I had an interesting lecture.
4. I got to have tasty pizza for my lunch – always a call for smiles.
5. I had a very productive afternoon.
6. And I had an excellent trip home – it didn’t rain at all (!); a lorry driver pulled over so that I wouldn’t have to follow him along the country lanes for AGES, and I only met about 5 vehicles ALL the way home (about 30 miles).

So today = general excellence.


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