An Interview & Chocolate Buttons

Yesterday’s happiness: Because I was super efficient with Tuesday’s post, I didn’t get to celebrate my good news! On Tuesday I applied for a job at a local National Trust property, the same one that I visited on Sunday and about 6 hours later, I got invited to an interview on Friday (as in tomorrow!) So that’s exciting and a bit scary too, as it’s for a catering assistant and I’ve not had any previous experience in that area before, but I know I’ve got lots of transferable skills. So that bit of happy kept me buoyed on Wednesday, despite it’s general busy-ness and crazy rain/hail and lots of driving to and fro!

Today’s happiness: Today is a good day purely for the reason that I found Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons (or as my brother calls them, ‘big ass buttons’) for £1 in Tesco. I really don’t think you can fault that amount of chocolatey happiness for a pound! So go forth and indulge!


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