DIY and New Books

Yesterday’s happiness: Yesterday was a busy day, hence the lack of post-age! As the post-title suggests, DIY was involved, namely the construction of wordless-instruction Ikea furniture! Yay! Aside from a snagged back from the sitting cross-legged/kneeling and stretching combo the bedside table I was building went without a hitch. I also gave the book/DVD cupboard a much needed sort out and had a bit of a Sheldon-esque (see The Big Bang Theory TV programme if you’re confused) categorising and sorting extravaganza! Happy indeed… The day ended with a yummy tea, a super hot bath and finishing my book.

Today’s happiness: There’s nothing quite as lovely as revisiting books from your past, especially those that have a special place in your heart. I have been re-reading the Guardians of Time series by Marianne Curley, which I read as a teenager and borrowed from a friend. They’re quite hard to get hold of in the UK but I asked for the first for Christmas and eventually ordered the other two last week. I finished the second book last night and found it just as good as I remembered, and then today, book 3 arrived. Hurrah! Reasons to be cheerful. 


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