Catching Up & Beethoven 7

Yesterday’s happiness: I went to orchestra for the first time in yonks yesterday since the new semester is just about to begin, and got the chance to catch up with some of the lovely folk that I go to uni with. My friend and I were going to meet and indulge ourselves with pizza and curly fries (the university staple), but there was some kind of function in our usual hide-out so we had to go elsewhere. Bearing in mind we’re both cellists, we were lugging our ‘babies’, as we affectionately call them, across campus to one of the less savoury of eateries where the service is more like customer prevention. However, we still managed to have a nice time and caught up, exchanged news and shared the shame of a Christmas markedly lacking in ‘cello practise!

On to orchestra, seeing more lovely university bods and flailing through Beethoven 7. I recall my first ever real orchestral experience only a few mere months back, and am proud that I can now cope with running through a whole symphony without wanting to crawl under my chair. I’ve become rather adept at miming on a ‘cello, something that I previously didn’t think was possible, and I just readily accept that I’m not going to be able to play 90% of it. It works. My relationship with orchestra is a love-hate one – generally I want to love it but, on the whole, hate it. Hate not being able to hear myself, sometimes not even being able to hear my section, having to attack such a big chunk in one go a tempo. But hey, it’s a learning curve.

See you later for today’s happiness…


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