Swim Like a Fish

Today’s happiness: Okie dokes folks, today has contained quite a bit of happy! I now have a grand total of 11 followers, which sounds like a teeny weeny number but since I only set this thing up a week ago I’m pretty chuffed. So thanks a bunches to those of you who’ve liked and followed and made me squee whenever I’ve got a WordPress email!

Second bit of happy – I did my new method of walking/jogging and hey presto – today was much better. Not easy, I still felt like my body might implode a few times, but I got through it and felt good rather than demoralised at the end! It was also THE MOST gorgeous oh-man-it’s-cold frosty morning, which made up for my initially frozen fingertips and chilly ears.

Third bit of happy – I went swimming today for the first time (properly, holidays excluded) in about 10 years. I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, chlorine being one of them but today I took some antihistamines, got my cozzy on and adventured out to the local pool and went for a wee swim. I did 30, 25m lengths in about 40 minutes, which I was pretty pleased about.

So there are my 3 happys – if you want to share, please do!


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