Winter Sunshine

Today’s happiness: It has been a lovely day today, cold but sunny, a good-to-be-alive kind of day. It provided me with the renewed determination to be more active, get a bit fitter and feel happier in my skin, something that I imagine a lot of people are wanting after the annual Christmas food-fest! I went for a walk/jog which initially had an adverse effect, making me feel incredibly unfit and defeated, but then someone extra lovely gave me a bit of a boost, suggested ways that I could combine walking and bouts of gentle jogging to slowly build up my stamina. I’ve also checked out swimming times at the local pool and so tomorrow I’m braving the swimming costume and taking the plunge, literally. Although I’ve always loved swimming, my allergies haven’t always being cooperative with chlorine. However, I’m going to dose up with antihistamines and I’m going to give it a whirl! =]


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